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First off, some brief definitions:


Now, what a Leather Daddy/boy relationship means to me:

A Leather Daddy/boy relationship is a commitment between a Leather Top and an SM bottom. That commitment signifies a desire to be served and a desire to serve. In the everyday, my boy is Dad's right-hand man. In the playroom, the relationship is an adventure in ultimate trust as we explore our erotic fantasies together.


What it takes for the two of us to be compatible:
A good working knowledge of what I'm like, what the other person should be like, and what is expected.


What I'm like:

I am extroverted, self-centered, exhibitionistic, demanding, trustworthy, honest, communicative, enthusiastic, loving, supportive, nurturing, aggressive, fun.


Attributes my leather boy should have / what I expect:

  1. Respect

    I am your Leather Daddy. you are my boy. I am your number one priority. My boy follows strict protocol in written and oral communications with me. (Here is a link to the communication section of Officer Wes' protocol for his slave or boy.)

    My orders are not questioned. (Clarification may be requested if appropriate.) Following directions combines many positive attributes, including respect, dedication, trust and reliability.

    In bar situations, stand at attention beside me and do not leave my sight without letting me know where you are going.

  2. Reliability

    • Honesty
      At all times. This will maximize our understanding of each other. Avoid passive-aggressive behavoir at all costs as it combines at least two very unattractive traits: dishonesty and unwillingness to communicate directly.

    • Punctuality
      Naturally this applies to any commitment, but also to prompt returning of phone calls and e-mail.

    • Dedication
      I am seeking someone who wants a realationship. It takes dedication and commitment.

    • Trustworthiness

  3. Communicative

    I want my boy to touch base with me in the morning and the evening on a daily basis, either by phone or e-mail.

    State "the assumed" to help avoid misunderstandings. Keep me updated on the status of things that have been assigned to you. Speak what's on your mind at an appropriate time (which often is the soonest possible time). Quick feedback tends to lessen problems.

    • Enthusiastic
      Fun time is good time for all involved. A lot of hard work goes into being a good Leather Daddy. When you notice I've been working on something for you, speak up and tell me you appreciate it.

    • Passionate
      I've had submissives who were excellent in many respects, but when it came to playtime they were quiet as mice. There's nothing wrong with that. It just is not the type of person I enjoy playing with. When the moment takes you, release that energy and make a glorious sound!

  4. Disciplined

    Physically, keep your body fit for my use.
    Mentally, re-read protocol in the Respect section.

    • Substance-free
      Nothing comes between us.

    • Self-supporting
      I am your leather Daddy, not your sugar daddy.

    • Clean
      In yourself and our home.

    • Monogamous
      In body and mind unless you've obtained my approval.


My personal quirks that my leather boy needs to be aware of:


Rules of the household:

Stay out of

Duties for the household / schedule

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